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Founded by Lisa Reddings, whose love for heritage and the practice of indigo dyeing was the driving force behind her creating Indigowares. Each garment presents an opportunity to innovate a modern spin on long-established textile practices such as Shibori techniques, block printing and dip-dyeing. All of these are performed with natural dyes and eco-friendly practices.

Sustainability is at the heart of Indigowares. Their philosophy is completely in line with the slow fashion revolution; they focus on craft, environmentally friendly processes, and traceability, making each garment to last.

Much of Indigowares production is done in the UK by Lisa Reddings or her seamstress. Outside of this, Lisa works closely with artisans in Jaipur, Uttarakhand and Jaisalmer in India to repurpose and source brand elements such as organic indigo pigment, vintage kantha quilts and block prints.

Indigowares’ ethos is centred around: all natural dyes; ethically sourced and repurposed materials; traceability in each garment from start to finish; and , quality handmade craftsmanship in each product.

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