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Far Afield takes global inspiration and teams this up with contemporary British design to provide menswear that is distinctive and of high quality. Classic craftsmanship and attention to detail is married to the unique to make sure that with Far Afield the wearer and the creator go that one step further.

Far Afield makes a conscious approach to sourcing products from reliable and ethically sound suppliers. All clothing and accessories are sourced globally, with a dedication to high quality and ethics. 

Far Afield is heavily influenced by global travel – it is the colours, textures, sights and experiences. Be it a rainy city in England, or a tropical setting in a far away land, they take these experiences and combine them with a passion for design. Far Afield is contemporary British menswear with a global inspiration.

Far Afield was founded in the UK by brothers, Mark & Chris Scholes in 2016. Together they have 12 years experience in menswear design, production, sourcing and retail. Mark started the menswear brands tuktuk and Madras Shirting Company over the last 10 years, whereas Chris opened the retail space Thread Menswear in Brighton in 2012. With their acquired skills across the menswear industry, they decided to combine forces back in 2014, and Far Afield is the result of that.