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It’s estimated that the lifespan of clothes in the UK is less than 2.2 years, and an estimated £140 million worth of clothing ends up in landfill each year. 

Wearing an item of clothing for longer can significantly reduce its environmental impact. Which is why it’s vital that we care for and protect our clothes as best we can, so that we can continue to wear them for as long as we love them.

If an item of clothing is well looked after, it will remain looking good for longer. That’s why we will often give advice on how to best care for the garments you buy in our store. It’s all part of our approach to ensure you get extra enjoyment and use from the items you buy from us.

Here’s our four top tips on caring for your garments:

1. Wash less.

Think twice before washing your clothes. Do they really need to be washed after use? We would wager that in most cases, probably not. We recommend washing clothes as rarely as possible. Washing machines damage the textile fibers, and consume lots of water. Most garments can be worn multiple times before they need cleaning. And sometimes, they just don’t need cleaning at all. Clothes washed too frequently will lose shape and colour, and the fabric will lose its thickness. Ask yourself: is it really dirty? Does it smell? If an item isn’t dirty, and just needs freshening up, then try hanging it outside, or in your steamy shower room.

And some natural fibres, such as wool, tend to clean themselves. That's why airing and spot cleaning your garment goes a long way.

Airing: Air your clothes directly after wearing them. Airing is especially good for wollen garments but works for all types of clothes. Airing refreshes the garment and reduces odours.

Steaming: steam has the same effect as airing but works much quicker and more efficiently. The textile fibres will swell and the fabric will look shinier and more colourful. Steaming thickens the fabric and removes wrinkles.

Removing stains: Remove stains with a stain remover by dabbing the fabric as soon as possible. Instead of washing your clothes target the specific stain. 

If you do need to wash your clothes, sort them into colours before washing, use the right detergent: silk and wool should be washed with a delicate detergent, don't overdose the detergent, and hang your clothes or flat dry them.

2. Wash low.

Washing at lower temperatures is better for the environment and your clothes. It will help your clothes stay soft and prevent colours fading or running.

3. Respect the care instructions.

The garments you buy from us will come with care instructions. Different materials need different washing methods. Wool for example, should only be washed when absolutely needed using a Woolmark-approved detergent. And delicate fabrics such as silk, also need gentle care. The care instructions will recommend the most effective detergents, as well as washing and drying processes to follow, to help keep your clothes good as new for longer. Please follow them.

4. Store well.

Clothes should be stored in spaces that protect them from damp, sunlight, smells and heat. Fold them well, and give them space to hang to avoid creasing and rubbing. Hangers are important! Did you know that the wrong kind of hanger can damage your delicate clothes? Use cushioned or non-slip hangers for your silks and delicates.

And discourage those natural fibre munching clothes moths! Storing clean clothes with lavender or moth balls will provide extra protection.


And should your clothes become damaged, we offer a complimentary repair service - REPAIR.RE-WEAR - to fix damaged garments bought from our store.



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