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Aargh Money / Little Looks


Aargh Money / Little Looks

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After a strong start from Haners, the second drop on Misadventures steps once again into the neon-lit alleyway of finest Italo disco, with all the seductive sass you could ever wish for in a party 12". On the A-side, 'Aargh Money' works around a seriously funked-up rhythm section and a choir extolling the virtues of working together. It's bombastic and elastic, just the right thing to get the limbs greased up for a heated hoedown. 'Little Looks' takes things rougher and tougher, with one of those Italo basslines so nasty it borders on proto-acid. The vocals are divine here too - smouldering come hither lines that amp up the intensity of the track to 11.

Side 1
1. "Aargh Money" (8:39)
Side 2
1. "Little Looks" (5:46)