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The New Morning - Riddims of Culture 1
The New Morning - Riddims of Culture 1

Emotional Rescue

The New Morning - Riddims of Culture 1

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Ever the educators, Emotional Rescue are now turning their attention to the 90s "Afro-cosmic" scene - a sound that spread through Europe following the influence of Daniele Baldelli and his pioneering DJing in Italy in the late '70s. Munich's The New Morning were amongst the many crews inspired by what Baldelli was championing, and they created incredible, unusual dance music that easily stands up to modern standards for its inventive fusions of global influences and electronic technology. From the heady house throw down "In Japan" to the cosmic dancehall flex of "Jay's Rhama", there's so much to vibe off here, all of it highly compatible with the adventurous sounds creeping into DJ sets in the current era.

Side 1
1. "Capueira" (3:02)
2. "Cricket Island" (Tribal mix) (4:27)
3. "In Japan" (5:29)
Side 2
1. "Jay's Rhama" (2:15)
2. "In Harmony" (4:34)
3. "Infinite Chant" (4:25)