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Richard Sen - Darkness is your Candle
Richard Sen - Darkness is your Candle

No sameness

Richard Sen - Darkness is your Candle

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[Emotional] Especial stalwart and all-round underground progenitor Richard Sen makes a welcome return launching new label Darkness Is Your Candle with some of his inimitable muscular wave-tinted machine wares for seedy dancefloors. "No Sameness" is a stellar lead track - all evil one-note bass, freaky synth wriggles and the odd touch of splashy mixing desk FX. "Darkness Is Your Candle" is a touch more anthemic with its big melodic leads, but no less seductive. "Into The Abyss" completes the package with another brooding workout that slips in the cracks between vintage techno and minimal wave - classic tropes delivered impeccably.

Side 1
1. "No Sameness" (8:07)
Side 2
1. "Darkness Is Your Candle" (7:18)
2. "Into The Abyss" (8:45)