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Psychemagik presents Magik Sunset Part Two

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Psychemagik presents Magik Sunset Part Two

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From the UK duo Psychemagik, known for their beautiful production work, prolific remixing skills, obscenely vast record collections and transcendent mixtape journeys, who have been heralded as a truly unique and positive presence across today's music scenes.

Magik Sunset Part Two is yet another fine selection of tracks mainly released in extremely small numbers, sometimes only on private presses and only reaching specific parts of the world. Many of the tracks offered little information when searching for the original artists, some were discovered living in remote parts of the US and some had changed their names making the search that bit harder. This long and difficult search took over a year but at the end of it there was more than enough music to make the album into a two-part finale.

As the compiler, Danny Mclewin of Psychemagik says; “We accidentally ended up with such a positive response that we were left with almost too much quality to cater for one double LP. We ended up with the format being expanded to a feast worthy of two editions of double vinyl if only as a respectful nod to the incredible tunes and vibrations being realised, the project simply evolved into two volumes.”

Part Two is a selection that ranges through the 70’s and 80’s covering soul, funk, disco and folk, one that would cost you thousands if you were able to find the original releases yourself. As with previous albums all tracks have been mastered from original vinyl to get the best possible sound reproduction.

Released on gatefold double LP and Double CD.

The sleeve notes include much information from the original artists, explaining how their life was back when they were writing and recording their respective songs.