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Faze Action/Zeke Manyika - Sununguka
Faze Action/Zeke Manyika - Sununguka

Faze Action Records

Faze Action/Zeke Manyika - Sununguka

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Faze Action have been on a roll with their collaborative project with Zeke Manyika, which first started up in 2016 and now reaches its fourth installment with the infectiously uplifting "Sununguka". In its original form the Afro-house burner artfully blends Manyika's Zimbabwean roots with Faze Action's knack for '80s tinged proto-house. "Rwendo" is a more laid back affair compared to the lead track, but it's no less effervescent thanks to Manyika's vocals. On the B side, Alan Dixon drops a feisty Italo version of "Sununguka" that sounds purpose built for spine-tingling sundown moments, while there's also a pumped up "Special Extended Dub" version to appeal to headsy DJs looking to keep the floor running at full tilt.

Side 1
1. "Sununguka" (12" version) (5:58)
2. "Rwendo" (5:12)
Side 2
1. "Sununguka" (Alan Dixon Italo mix) (7:27)
2. "Sununguka" (Special extended dub mix) (5:43)