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Edits 3


Edits 3

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The third release on the Misadventures label has as solid as the first two. This time out it is Manchester producer Haners who is back at the buttons with the sort of impossibly dreamy and tropical Balearic sounds that brighten up even a drizzly northern afternoon. The supple and sublime 'Denial' kick off with gently titling grooves and wet claps, acoustic guitar riffs and breathy vocals tones. 'Shooter' is a reggae and dub tinged rhythm that lolls up and down like a swaying tide. 'Memories' is for when the sun sets and the party gets more dance floor oriented with nice cosmic disco overtones.

Side 1
1. "Denial" (6:30)
2. "Shooter" (7:02)
Side 2
1. "Memories" (11:39)