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Kitty Clogs - Klassik - Mid - Cumin
Kitty Clogs - Klassik - Mid - Cumin

Kitty Clogs

Cumin Mid Klassik Clog

Regular price £127.00

This classic-style Swedish clog by Kitty Clogs  is made in the same way it has been for hundreds of years. This traditional style is so comfortable you can have the height without the feel of wearing heels. The Mid Klassisk is versatile and easy to wear. Dress up or down and wear with or without socks all year round. The Cumin leather is a deliciously warm and rich tan brown. 

The Mid Klassisk clog has stapled leather uppers with a rounded toe and open back. The dark Alder wood base has a comfortable 7cm heel. The heel helps your foot stay comfortably inside the shoe and won’t slip off when walking.

The wooden base is ergonomically shaped inside and out for comfort and has a rubber grip on the sole. With time and wear both the leather and wooden base will soften and begin to mould to the shape of your foot.