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Any Gram - Dis Go In Ya Pipe
Any Gram - Dis Go In Ya Pipe

Keeps Going

Any Gram - Dis Go In Ya Pipe

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Try as he might, Ray Mang can't hide behind an anagram as he drops this, his first LP in 10 years breaking in new imprint Keeps Going. While he's regularly dropping dancefloor gold in the disco-edit sphere, this record gives our man the chance to explore some more expansive sounds without losing that all important sense of groove. Take the dusty deep south boogie of "Revolver" or the shuffling, subliminal jazz funk delights of "Doh!" - these are jams that reach far beyond obvious dancefloor genres but they're rich in groove. As the saying goes, buy the ticket, take the ride and let Any Gram take you somewhere new.

Side 1
1. "Open Bar" (6:43)
2. "Revolver" (4:58)
Side 2
1. "Doh!" (6:44)
2. "Looky Looky" (6:43)
Side 3
1. "Don't Fight It" (9:03)
2. "Waiter!" (4:03)
Side 4
1. "Change" (5:49)
2. "TFI" (8:03)