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Andres Y Xavi - Sounds From The Secret Bar
Andres Y Xavi - Sounds From The Secret Bar

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Andres Y Xavi - Sounds From The Secret Bar

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10 original compositions plus a cover of Talk Talk’s Renee.

The self released and distributed first album found favour with Balearic DJs across the world. Lead track ‘My alibi’ was picked out by the likes of Kenneth Bager, Danny Psychmagik and ‘Never seen Ibiza’ was a firm favourite of Phat Phil Cooper and Balearic Ultras.

Rolo adds guitar and vocals and a Woodentops vibe to two tracks on the album ‘What do you see in me?’ and ‘Walking in the sun’, his personal tribute to Jose Padilla.

First album received support from Kenneth Bager (Music for Dreams), Phat Phil Cooper (NuNorthernSoul), Chris Coco, Mike Salta, Leo Mas, Balearic Ultras, David Pickering (OneMillionSunsets) and many more!

And was described by Dr Rob (Ban Ban Ton Ton) as "Smokey Muscle Shoals organ plays, strings swoon, and Kosmische synths blink like distant stars... an overall “vibe” somewhere between Mo`Wax and the Sunday Best of Bent and Dan Mass... adorned by cascading Indie “neo-acoustic” guitar jangle. Like The Stone Roses by way of Horsebeach.



 Side 1
1. "A Sunny Morning At The Ashram" (5:37)
2. "Out On The Step" (5:12)
3. "Turn Left At The Egg" (5:06)
Side 2
1. "Good News" (5:34)
2. "Not A Cloud On The Horizon" (4:42)
3. "What Do You See In Me?" (4:06)
Side 3
1. "Raise" (3:48)
2. "Renee" (5:15)
3. "Perfect Timing" (7:19)
Side 4
1. "Babel" (5:12)
2. "Walking In The Sun" (6:31)